Whose Your Alter Ego in Fiction Land?🎬❓

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 3 Fictional Characters That Describe You

When I first saw this challenge on Facebook I thought, Wow! That’s an interesting and tough question. Owning thousands of videos with thousands of characters to choose from, it was difficult to come up with characters to describe me. But, being the type to rarely turn down a challenge, here goes.

Agnes (Despicable Me)

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I love her innocence and open heart and strive to be like her every day. She always finds the best in any situation and despite his being a “super-villain”, she even loves Gru. I describe her as my alter ego on my About page.

And we can’t forget her affection for Gru’s “dog?“, Kyle. Whatever Kyle is, when he first sees Agnes he’s terrified by HER!  Maybe because she treats him like any other pet and Kyle likes to go for bad. However, by the end of the film, Agnes has won Kyle over with her infectious spirit and even has him enjoying playing dress up with her. (sort of)

Kyle despicable me



agnes, kyle, edith despicable me

Agnes, Kyle, Mona

despicable me characters

Gru and the Crew

And the best reason of all we’re simpatico is because Agnes loves to hang out with my favorite “little people”, The Minions!

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Sparkle (Sparkle) 1976

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Irene Cara as Sparkle

Ever since I first saw Irene Cara as “Sparkle” on the big screen I made an instant connection. She was young, impressional, and fought fiercely for the people she loved.

The relationship between Sparkle and her big Sister, “Sister” is also a comparison point. I have big sisters that as a child idolized and thought were the most beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate women I knew. And those feelings are still true to this day. However, my big sisters are NOTHING like “Sister”. Lonette McKee’s character had a lot of issues, including the drugs.

Sparkle film 1976

Sister, Sparkle, and Delores

The other meaningful connection is Sparkle could sing! I was in college when the film came out and had done a little warbling with my sorority sisters. As a kid, I often wished my sisters and I could form a singing group and be even bigger than the Supremes!

However, neither of my sisters had much of a voice so, that idea went out the window. Seeing the movie inspired me to pursue my love of singing. I started auditioning and was able to realize my passion as a featured vocalist in Community Theater productions.


And now to address the “bad girl” in me.

Natasha Romanoff (Avengers) 2012

Black Widow Avengers

“Black Widow”

Even though I bet friends and family might find “The Black Widow” (Scarlet Johanson) an odd choice, she is a piece of my psyche. Inside my head, I can totally see me kickin’ the butts of 29 guys simultaneously. I guess she’s my Freudian id, a force to be reckoned with yes, but watching her on the screen is a great way of working out some frustrations. Fortunately, unlike the Hulk, I can keep my girl at bay ’cause, “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”😎


Come on, she’s a well-rounded (no pun intended) figure. Even as an Avenger “Black Widow” takes the time to be a loving aunt to her bestie and fellow Avenger Hawkeye’s (Jeremy Renner) children. They have an enduring friendship they both treasure and despite the fact of sometimes fighting, they remain steadfast friends.

Hawkeye Avengers character

Hawkeye – Jeremy Renner

I love her nurturing relationship with Hawkeye’s children which is even more significant since the option of childbirth was taken away from her in training to be an assassin. Unlike “Black Widow” I was blessed with 2 beautiful children, so I really respect the fact she decided on this positive solution to her childless reality and not use her assassin training as a way to suppress these maternal feelings.

Did I mention she can take a dude down? And, she is the only one who can calm down an angry “Hulk”.

Image result for avengers characters hulk

She’s fine just chillin’ at a friends place or if the need arises, she’s down for the fight.

avengers characters

Dr. Bruce Banner, Black Widow, Tony Stark, Thor, Captain America


I’m not an assassin and don’t feel the need to act out my Avengers fantasy but I do consider myself to be tough, determined, and self-sufficient.

Another reason I get into relating to her is because as an Avenger, “Black Widow” has no superpowers, she IS the superpower! A serious badass! And who knows, like the “Widow” when push comes to shove, I just might have to bust out some of my kick-ass moves.😎


avengers characters

The Avengers


I’ve shared my 3 characters, how about sharing yours?

Take the challenge and let me know your results.





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