Moonwalker’s Smooth Criminal



Back in the day, when Michael Jackson released a new tune it became a television event. The announcement of the date and time of the video was always anticipated by the fans. We would arrange our schedules to make sure not to miss the latest and greatest from the King of Pop. But with the release of Moonwalker, Michael took the debut event to a whole other level!

smooth criminal


What we witnessed that night was a game changer.

Michael Jackson: Moonwalker (1988). Not just one video but an anthology style film compilation of long form videos including the songs: Smooth Criminal and Leave Me Alone. Releasing these songs in this format was unique to TV and the times and proved Michael’s mastery and revival of the film short.

Leave Me Alone was a “Michael Vision”, dead-on rebuttal to all the gossip and rumors about Michael’s life including Bubbles the chimp and did he really buy the bones of the Elephant Man? (watch for MJ dancing with elephant man bones)

Smooth Criminal features the most dynamic and straight up coolest choreography ever!!!  And “the lean” shut up!!

Michael was granted a patent for the hitching mechanism which was built into the floor of the stage and the performers shoes.

smooth lean

Danger abounds with Annie and her friends (including John Lennon’s youngest son Sean), storm troopers, machine guns and a pint sized imitation of Michael by “baby bad Michael.”

A truly innovative project with probably one of the most mangled lyrics in music history. “Annie are you walking?” No!!  It’s “Annie are you okay?”


So without further adieu, the smoothest moves of the Smooth Criminal.