Maurice White – Your Music Lives On!


Maurice White

December 19, 1941 – February 3, 2016

Love, Peace and Happiness spring to mind when I think of Maurice White, the founding member of the groundbreaking band Earth, Wind, and Fire whose passing we learned about on Thursday, February 4th.

Earth, Wind, and Fire were the soundtrack for the 70’s and in my life because of Maurice’s inspirational and energizing lyrics. “The band drew inspiration from funk, jazz, R&B and Latin music – as well as Sly Stone and James Brown – for a unique sound that set the tone for soul music in the Seventies”. (Rolling Stone)

It’s  impossible to pick a favorite from the incredible music they made. “Keep Your Head to the Sky” and “Devotion” come to my mind at this moment of reliving memories and feeling the loss of an integral part of personal, as well as, music history.

Maurice White’s passing is a major blow not only to the music industry but his fans especially.

Rest in happiness.


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