Labyrinth’s 30th Anniversary Celebration!💥 💥 💥

Sony Pictures Presents

Labyrinth 30th Anniversary


Fathom Events and Sony Pictures invite you to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Labyrinth when it returns to select cinemas nationwide for a special two-day event on Sunday, September 11 and Wednesday, September 14.

Labyrinth tells the story of a fifteen-year-old girl, Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), who, in an immature and selfish moment, secretly wishes that her baby brother, Toby, would just disappear. Her wish comes true when goblins kidnap the boy forcing Sarah to solve a life-size labyrinth in order to rescue her baby brother from the castle of Jareth, the Goblin King (David Bowie).

Labyrinth is a 1986 American adventure musical fantasy film directed by Jim Henson, executive produced by George Lucas, and based upon conceptual designs by Brian Froud. With the exception of Bowie and Connelly, most of the significant characters in the film are played by puppets produced by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. (Wikipedia)


Labyrinth movie

First of all, Bowie! Second of all, Bowie! And third, oh, you get it. David Bowie was born for this role. His theatricality, magical voice, aura, all made him destined and a standout as the Goblin King.

I remember this film fondly as my children would act out the entire movie in our family room. I’m a big musical movie buff and I would always smile in delight as I secretly checked out the show.

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Featuring a cast of puppets, the story by Dennis Lee and Jim Henson, and a screenplay by Terry Jones, Labyrinth has all the myth and wonder of any childhood classic. As part of this event, the audience will be treated to a special introduction and get an exclusive all-new look behind the curtain at the making of this classic. (fathom events)

After Bowie’s death this year, someone posed the question, did David Bowie keep the Universe together? Seems the world went crazy with all the artists departing the planet. I don’t know, could be true. Well, anyway, make sure to check out Labyrinth’s 30th Anniversary screening! Starring the one and only, keeper of the Universe, David Bowie!


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Check your local theater for showtimes or purchase tickets online here.

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Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas 🎶🎄

A sweet little, probably lesser known Jim Henson (Muppets creator) gem – “Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas.”

Emmet Otter Jug-band Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas joys is watching and sharing my favorite animated Christmas specials. This month will be dedicated to these wonderful specials and films.

The story is based on the children’s story of the same name which was written by Russell and Lillian Hoban. Jim Henson’s production of Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas premiered on HBO on December 17, 1978, as an hour long TV presentation. It’s the charming tale of Emmet Otter and his loving mom’s dream of presenting each other with the perfect Christmas gift. But unfortunately, Emmet and his Mom, a widow, scrape by on the small amount of money she gets from doing laundry and that Emmet gets from doing odd jobs around their home in the town of Frogtown Hollow.

As Christmas approaches, they hear of a talent contest in the nearby town of Waterville and separately decide to enter to afford that perfect present: the guitar Emmet dreams of, and a beautiful piano for Ma. However, in a twist on The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, they must sacrifice each other’s livelihood for the talent contest. Mom hocks Emmet’s tools for dress fabric while Emmet turns Ma’s washtub into a washtub bass for a jug band.

The special received a very positive review in The New York Times on December 15, 1980: “Jim Henson and the Muppets are on a dazzling winning streak these days… Mr. Henson has produced and directed one of the most charming Christmas specials of the last several years.

Emmet rehearses diligently for the contest with his bandmates and mom secretly practices her solo, However, a local band, Rivertown Nightmare Band enters the contest as well. I won’t spoil it, but the Nightmare Band is awesome!

The songs by singer/songwriter Paul Williams are wonderful and Jerry Juhl’s story is simple and sweet. I loved Jim Henson and miss him and his talent for capturing the imagination of not only children but of us all!

Jim Henson

Jim Henson