“Despicable” Gru – Gratitude

“Despicable Me” (2010)


iheartfilm is dedicating the month of November to the lesson of Gratitude in films; the quality of being thankful.

Every viewing of “Despicable Me” rekindles my child’s heart. Those of you who’ve read my “About” page know that I love Agnes and her tenacious spirit. She’s total love incarnate, wearing her gratitude on her sleeve. Despite the challenges of Agnes’ life at Miss Hattie’s Orphanage, she is thankful and hopeful every day. Plus, she loves unicorns. 😄  



Meet Felonius Gru, who thinks he’s a hardcore “Supervillain” but is blissfully unaware of how his life will be changed forever with the fateful meeting of sisters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes.

Gru and Agnes’ first meeting


Gru’s convinced that by using the sisters (selling of cookies for mean Miss Hattie’s Orphanage) as a decoy, he’s come up with the masterplan for his evil plot to foil his nemesis, Vector.





After adopting the sisters – part of his master plan – Gru begins his awakening to the lesson of gratitude while dealing with the day to day activities of parenting like dance lessons, girl scout type cookie deliveries, and an unfortunate Unicorn melting accident – Edith!  Even though Gru’s evil partner, Dr. Nefarious tries to interfere, Gru’s heart begins to melt with each parenting challenge culminating in his masterpiece, “One Big Unicorn”, the sweetest children’s book ever for the girls; turning Gru and the book into the sisters’ beloved and treasured bedtime ritual.

Agnes’ unconditional love also forces Gru to realize that all he’s ever wanted is his mother’s love and approval and the heartbreaking thought of losing Agnes and her sisters trumps the ultimate supervillain prize of capturing and shrinking the moon.

Little Gru and Momma

Even the skeptical Margo and Edith come to be thankful for the love and somewhat different lifestyle of Gru. “You Should Be Dancing” by the Bee Gees is the perfect ending to the perfect union of love and supervillain dom.

Here’s what I’m grateful for – Minions! They bring me joy, happiness and fill my heart. 😘

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