Galaxy Quest – Star Trek’s Favorite Child⚜🖖🏼

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the ultimate love letter and hilariously entertaining sci-fi movie hit, “Galaxy Quest” (1999).

This wonderful homage to Star Trek stars the brilliant Alan Rickman (the inimitable Professor Snape), (I kicked the “Alien’s” butt) Sigourney Weaver, Tim (“ar ar”) Allen, and the irrepressible Tony Shaloub. It’s the story of a ragtag group of actors who spend the bulk of their post-television celebrity days at supermarket openings and Comic-con festivals. Primarily because in the 18 years since the series ended, they couldn’t buy a job.

We first meet this merry band backstage at a Comic-con event for their now defunct television series, “Galaxy Quest, waiting for their hated (I mean illustrious leader), Commander Peter Quincy Taggert (Tim Allen) of the intergalactic spaceship NSEA Protector, who’s always, always late for these events, and looks down on and ignores his co-stars by accepting solo engagements for personal appearances.

galaxy quest cast

Commander Peter Quincy Taggert (Tim Allen)

Alan Rickman absolutely hates only being known for his Spock-type character Dr. Lazarus on the show since he is a Shakespearean-trained actor. And, if he hears his tagline “By Grabthar’s Hammer” regurgitated back to him at one more of these appearances, someone just might die. (I’m totally serious)

Tony Shaloub’s character Sgt. Chen is cool and zen with whatever is going down. Swinging to his own rhythm. (Love him!!)

galaxy quest cast

Tony Shaloub – Sgt. Chen

And, Enrico Colantoni as Commander Mathesar is one of the sweetest, most endearing aliens you’ll ever meet.

galaxy quest cast

Enrico Colantoni as Commander Mathesar

Sigourney Weaver as Lt. Tawny Madison is the ship’s computer voice and annoys the hell out of everyone since that’s her only function on the ship. “I’ve got one job and that’s what I’m going to do.”galaxy-quest-gwen2

Sam Rockwell deserves a righteous shout out as my man Guy (Crewman #6) who just knows this adventure is a bad idea and destined to lead to his untimely death. “Did you guys ever watch the show?” Fabulous!


The film received critical praise and reached cult status through the years, becoming popular with Star Trek fans, staff, and cast members for its affectionate parody.

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At the 2013 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Galaxy Quest received enough support in a Star Trek Film Ranking and was included with the twelve Star Trek films that had been released at the time on the voting ballot. The fans at the convention ranked it the seventh best Star Trek film.

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Galaxy Quest won the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, the Nebula Award for Best Script, 26th Hochi Film Award for Best International Picture and was also nominated for ten Saturn Awards including Best Science Fiction Film.


The movie garnered the Saturn Award for Best Director for Dean Parisot, Best Actress for Weaver and Best Supporting Actor for Rickman with Allen winning Best Actor. The film was included in Reader’s Digests list of The Top 100+ Funniest Movies of All Time. (Wikipedia)

galaxy quest thermians

Theremins meeting Lt. Madison, Dr. Lazarus, and Guy

The incredible extraterrestrial alliance between the “Thermians” and the crew of the NSEA Protector, results in one fantastic, galaxy ride!

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If you’re a fan and love Star Trek (tv and movies) you have to check out this awesome film. Trust me, space has never been the same.😄