Happy Father’s Day!


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To celebrate Father’s Day I’m sharing 3 of my favorite father and child scenes in a film. These movies demonstrate that there’s nothing like that sense of protection and endearing love from your dad. 💞


Gru’s Dad Skills Tested

Gru discovers that it’s hard to be both a super villain and a dad! This scene from “Despicable Me” is awesome and sometimes true. Even when you’re crazy about your kids, sometimes a trip to “Super Silly Funland” is the last thing you want to do. Poor Gru, a new, reluctant dad who thinks he’s stumbled upon the “perfect” way to get rid of these kids learns that hangin’ with the “rugrats” doesn’t have to be a day at the dentist but actually a lot of fun! Good for you Poppa Gru!


Unconditional Love!

Holy crap! Who knew that Olive’s grampa taught her to “super freak” for her “Little Miss Sunshine” Competition dance routine. However, dad isn’t havin’ it when they try to drag his little girl off the stage and even better, he joins in her act; how you like me now?!  This scene from “Little Miss Sunshine” is one of my favorites, ever! Unconditional love and support. That’s what I call a super dad!


Atticus Comforts Scout

The character of Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird” has become the icon of the ultimate father and human being. His strength of character and tender heart makes every scene with his children so very precious. He loves them with all he is and all he has and they admire, respect, and treasure his love and affection.  Fiercely loyal love!


The Children Save Atticus

I love how innocently and tenderly Scout shows that it’s hard to hate someone when you talk to them and realize that we are a community.



Dad’s are so important and it always warms my heart when I see the truth in that forever bond. So, for all the dads with us and watching over us.

Happy Father’s Day!




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