Let’s Get This Party Started!

The opening title sequence of a movie should invoke the tone of the film, grab your attention and create the anticipation of what’s to come. I recently did a post on most memorable film trailers and now I’m offering up some of the most memorable opening titles.

Vertigo (1958)


Alfred Hitchcock is the “master of suspense” for a myriad of reasons and this opening sequence created by Saul Bass, graphic designer, and Academy Award-winning filmmaker is an epic example of setting the tone and anticipation of what’s to come.

Hitchcock hints at the relationship between James Stewart and Kim Novak by opening on James Stewart’s name above Kim Novak’s lips transitioning into her eyes and the swirling sensation of vertigo. In addition, the beautifully haunting theme music of Bernard Herrmann perfectly sets the suspenseful mood of the film.

Casino Royale (2006)

The poster shows Daniel Craig as James Bond, wearing a business suit with a loose tie and holding a gun. Behind him is a silhouette of a woman showing a building with a sign reading "Casino Royale" and a dark grey Aston Martin DBS below the building. At the bottom left of the image is the title "Casino Royale" – both "O"s stand above each other, and below them is a 7 with a trigger and gun barrel, forming Bond's codename: "Agent 007" – and the credits.

It’s always dicey when you try to recast an iconic treasure like James Bond. Sean Connery was the only Bond I recognized (although Pierce Brosnan definitely held his own) so, when Daniel Craig was announced to fill Connery’s spot, I was definitely skeptical but quickly became a huge Daniel Craig fan. I think he did a great job of bringing just the right amount of attitude, style, and hotness necessary to carry on the franchise.

Casino Royale introduces James Bond before he holds his license to kill through his transition into his 007 status. The opening theme song by Chris Cornell (then-former lead singer of Soundgarden and former lead singer of Audioslave), adds the perfect punctuation with his title song – “You Know My Name!”


Official poster shows the titular hero Deadpool standing in front of the viewers, with hugging his hands, and donning his traditional black and red suit and mask, and the film's name, credits and billing below him.

One of the coolest, funniest, most irreverent sequences I think I’ve ever seen are the opening titles for one of my new favorite movies, “Deadpool” (2016).

I call Deadpool the anti-Marvel film because its tone goes against the grain of a typical Marvel movie. Ryan Reynolds was hil-a-ri-ous! Although there was plenty of action, Reynold’s deadpan comedy changed the attitude of the film and was priceless. Talked friends into watching who aren’t Marvel fans and after it was over, loved it and said it was totally not what they expected. If you haven’t, give it a chance. I think you’ll enjoy it.

These are just of few of my favorites. Let me know in the comments those that make your list.



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